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In 1988, the Japanese composer Yoh Ohyama created the group "Asturias". While using the sound programming technique and multitrack recording, he mixes acoustic instruments and electronic instruments to increase the expressiveness of his music. Thus, he won a success not only in the field of Progressive Rock but also in the New Age, which earned him the nickname "Mike Oldfield Japanese". Three albums were then produced by the King Reccord Cryme label: "Circle in the Forest", "Brilliant Streams" and "Cryptogam Illusion".

In 2003, resuming his activities, he founded the group "Acoustic Asturias" (guitar, piano, violin, clarinet and recorder) The following year a concert followed by the release of the mini-album "Bird Eyes View" raised again a lot of interest from its fans around the world.



In 2005, Acoustic Asturias is invited to participate in Mexico in the biggest progressive rock festival in the world: "Baja Prog 2005" and the following year by festivals in France and Italy, each time receiving an enthusiastic welcome.

In November 2006, he signed with the major label "avex io" and released a new album: "Marching Glasse on the Hill". Acoustic Asturias is known for its unique melodic and expressive style, and in 2011 released a new album: "Legend of Gold Wind".

In May 2019, Acoustic Asturias  join "ProgSud" and France tour.


In August 2022, activities will resume under a new system.

Yoh Ohyama (gut guitar),
Saori Hoshino (violin),
Towa Kitagawa (piano),
Mayumi Sano (cello),

Yoh Ohyama
Saori Hoshino
Towa Kitagawa
Mayumi Sano
Yoh Ohyama(GutGuitar)
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He works as a sound engineer, composer, makes arrangements for Japanese singers, video games etc.

In 1987 he created "Asturias" and in 2004 he founded the group "Acoustic Asturias" with musicians, a progressive rock style with classical chamber music.

In 2008 his album multitrack recording "Jyurei" was produced and he founded "Multi Asturias". In 2009 he founded "Electric Asturias"
Currently he is doing his activities with three groups of Asturias and reunited "Acoustic Asturias" with brand new players.

Saori Hoshino(Violin)
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Her careers started since she graduated from Kunitachi Colledge of Music Senior High school and Kunitachi Colledge of Music with the top hornors degree winning Takeoka Award.

In 2011, her solo recital was held at Wien Hall organized by All Japan Art Association and finished her master's degree from Toho Gakuen Graduate School 3 years after.

In 2015, she released "Piazzolla for Two" from T-toc Records and two years later her first album "Overdose". In 2020, she founded violin and 8-string guitar duo "soLi" and released their first album from Walküre Records.

Now she's working as a freelance musician and as a teacher in Kunitachi Colledge of Music Elementary School.
She's playing in various kind of genres in soundtrack of games or TV shows and also starts working as a composer too.

Towa Kitagawa(Piano)
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She graduated in composition at the Toho Gakuen Graduate School and started her career as a member of piano trio "Trussonic" to pursue her music itself.

She expanded her live activities attracting various kinds of musical fans' support. In 2016, she has released five albums following her debut.

In 2018, the piece "Biorhythm" recorded in her 2nd album reached final candidate among more than ten thousands pieces at International Songwriting Competition. And she founded "Morphine Desert -trio acoustic-, her first time acoustic trio ensemble in 2021.

Mayumi Sano(Cello)
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